5 Crucial Video Marketing Essentials

5 Crucial Video Marketing Essentials

Video Marketing Tacoma
Video marketing is becoming more and more prominent as time goes on. Everyone is talking about content, but not too many people address the fact that video is content! In fact, video can be an incredible place for you to push your business because it may be an open medium for the vertical that you are in!

Go to Youtube and search for keywords that have to do with your business. Are there many videos there? Chances are that you have a huge opportunity to market your business by creating and uploading interesting videos that bring information or entertainment to your target market.

Here are some tips that you can use in order to boost your video marketing Tacoma campaigns.

Youtube x Google+ x Social

First things first, make sure that you create a Youtube account and that it is linked to your business Google+ page. This will let Google know that your pages are associated with each other and that anything that you post on that Youtube channel is tied to your brand.

Next, you want to make sure to connect your Youtube page to any other social network that you have. For example, if your business is on Facebook, connect it to Youtube.

Finally, you want to promote your Youtube page on all of your social networks. Upload a few videos and let people know what your page is about and why they should watch your videos or subscribe to your channel.

Don’t Be Lazy With Titles

The amount of videos that are available to us online is growing every single day. In order to set yourself apart you’re going to have to be creative. What’s one way to be creative? Titles.

Think about it – what’s the first thing (usually) that people see on your video? The video snippet. What do they immediately set their attention to next? That’s right – the title. You need to have a creative title in order to make the user want to click on your video and give it a chance.

HD Only

Let’s face it, we’re spoiled when it comes to videos. Most people don’t want to sit through a low-quality video for 5 minutes. Although maybe some people don’t mind, why risk it? If you can make your video HD then please do, it makes it easier on your viewers and on everyone else.
Video Marketing Tips

Optimize Your Videos

Just like your website needs constant work and optimizations in order to rank, so do videos. Doing small thing such as placing keywords in the title or meta description can make a huge difference when it comes to rankings and visibility.

No “Just Because” Content

One thing that you definitely should NOT do is post a video “just because”. In fact, you should never post any content just because you think that you need to in order to grow your business. Only post videos that are informative and helpful to your target audience. If you want more information about Video Marketing Tips or Video Marketing Tacoma, contact Marketing Giant today!

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