3 Crucial Benefits of Social Advertising

3 Crucial Benefits of Social Advertising

Social Media Advertising Tacoma
PPC (pay per click) is an incredible effective marketing tactic to drive highly specific traffic to your landing page or website. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of PPC? For most, as soon as they hear “PPC” they think something along the lines of “Google Adwords” (and rightly so). Google has been one of the best places to spend advertising money since the dawn of PPC, but did you know that you can take advantage of social network traffic as well?

That’s right, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow you (as a business owner or marketer) to run advertisement campaigns to specific groups of
people in order to generate traffic or brand awareness. Surprisingly, not many people are using these mediums!

So, what are some benefits to social advertising? Let’s take a look.

Low Investment, High Return

Usually this combination of words raises red flags for people, but the fact is that social advertising doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of
time. If we use Facebook as an example, there are many benefits to even advertising a post or your page for $1 a day.

A dollar a day is nothing when you think about the benefits of driving traffic and raising your brand awareness. What’s the high return? The difference
between you spending no money on advertising and $10 on advertising could be 4,000 likes on a post or thousands of more people seeing your post.

Extreme Control Over Ads

The amount of control that you have over your ads is unbelievable. You can literally watch your campaign flourish or flop real-time. Not happy about your
CTR? Pause the campaign in seconds. Want to spend more money? Just add on to your budget with a couple of clicks. Want to decrease your budget? You’re
always a click away.

With social advertising you can be completely in control if you want to be.

Specific Targeting

Since users offer their personal information on social networks, we can target extremely specific markets. For example, if you have a dentist business you
can target people who “liked” a certain toothpaste who live in your city. Another example would be targeting females who live in a certain state or city
under the age of 30.
Social Media Advertising Tacoma
This means that every single person that sees your advertisement is practically ensured to be interested with your business or product.


There really isn’t that much to lose with social media marketing Tacoma. Why not give it a try for your business? Better yet, why don’t you let Marketing Giant help you increase your business presence? Contact us today to talk with one of our online marketing professionals.

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