Why We Love Content Marketing in Bellevue (And You Should Too)

Why We Love Content Marketing in Bellevue (And You Should Too)

Why We Love Content Marketing in Bellevue & Seattle Washington (And You Should Too). There are many different aspects of marketing that come and go as our world changes, technology changes, and people’s needs change. One of the most valuable things in the marketing world right now is content marketing. It seems simple, right? Higher quality content turns into more website visits, and higher conversion rates.

What Is It?

Content marketing is defined as, “Any marketing format that involves creating and sharing media”. More specifically, the definition for content marketing is any pictures, blogs, articles, or videos that you create for other people to check out.

What Does Content Marketing in Bellevue It Include?

Content Marketing can include many various things. Blogging, photography, videography, articles, and social media are some examples. Of course there are things that can overlap with each other within these categories.

So, why do we love content marketing in Bellevue?

Google Loves It

Search engines value high-quality, new content and therefore so do we. In 2013 we saw a huge shift in the online marketing world which involved the penalization of content that isn’t original and informative, and the support for content that is. Search engines want you to create content that is unique, and high-quality. They don’t want anyone writing “just because”, they want you creating content with the goal of helping and informing your current or potential clients in mind.

People Love It

It isn’t just a coincidence that the algorithms for a lot of search engines has switched to rewarding content marketing. It’s simple: search engines main goal is to help the user find what they need to know, when they need to know it. A secondary goal of theirs is to provide people with things that they enjoy. So, if people want high-quality content, that’s exactly what Google, Yahoo, and Bing are going to give them.

It Makes Sense

It just simply does. Why would we want to put out low-quality, disengaging content when we can put out content that completely engages the user? The point is to get conversions, and you just simply aren’t going to do that by putting out content that nobody wants to actually read.

It’s More Fun

It really is a lot better to actually take the time to design, outline, and execute on engaging content. Does it take longer? Of course. Is it more challenging? Definitely. However, this is all part of the fun. We enjoy it!

It Never Gets Stale

With other forms of marketing (such as spammy link building tactics), things get boring. Not only do things get boring, but they get boring really quick. With content marketing there are so many aspects of it that it cannot possibly get boring. In fact, if it has gotten boring for you then you either aren’t doing something right, or you don’t see the value in it. We can help change that!

Further Questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your current marketing tactics, give your Bellevue Marketing Firm a call today and let us help you make sure that what you are doing is right. We want to help increase your website visits, and overall conversions. We can help you set up specific goals and offer you very detailed analytics within your content marketing strategy.


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