The Importance of Quality Links

The Importance of Quality Links

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What Are Quality Links?

Quality links, as they’re called are a tool used by website developers to get more traffic for a page.  They play a major role in link building, getting other websites to link to yours so you look more respectable and are more likely to be featured higher in search engine results. Quality links are links from more respectable, old, popular, or otherwise well-established sites, so they make your website look even better. This is all part of a process called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, for short) which focuses on getting your website to the top of those crucial results pages.

Why SEO Is Important

Search engines use special algorithms to rank pages on their search results pages. SEO focuses on exploiting those algorithms so that your website ends up higher on the results page. This can be a crucial factor in how much traffic your website gets.  Think about the last time you were trying to find something online. Maybe you were trying to find this very article. Where did you start? Did you Google “What are quality links” or “Why quality links are important”? That’s pretty likely considering that over 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

And then, once you had Googled it, did you scroll down or did you click on one of the first couple of links? Only the desperate scroll down and even the second page of search results is a no-man’s land, devoid of almost all attention. 35% of clicks go to the sites in the first 3 positions on google search results pages and Only 6% of clicks make it to the second page so if you want to get traffic, SEO is crucial.

Why Link Building Is Important For SEO

Link building is a term used to describe the process of getting other sites to link to you. Now, this has the initial benefit of people clicking on those links, netting you more traffic, but it factors in very strongly to SEO. Major search engines, like Google, use those links to build up an image of your website. More links means more people trust your site enough to link to it, and so the search engines are more likely to rank it higher (there is a dirty trick people use to exploit this, but it’s a bad idea. We’ll get to that later.)

Links are also how programs called “spiders” navigate the web (the pun was intended, i’m sure). Spiders are programs that search engines use to collect data. Search engines can’t have employees going around to every web page, figuring out what that web page is about, so they use the spiders instead. Once a spider reaches your website, it scans it for information, and feeds it back to the search engine’s index. These spiders navigate using links. You can think of the links as the threads that connect the web. Without links, the spiders can have trouble even finding your website.

Why Quality Links Are Important For Link Building

So, we’ve covered that more links to your website ends up with you being featured higher on search engine results pages. People can be tricky though, and they’ve of course found ways to mess up this system. People will create websites which link to theirs or spam sites with links to their own websites.

Search Engines have some very smart employees though. They’ve considered that people are doing this and found a way to fix the leak, so to speak. That is why quality links are important. Quality links are from quality sites. The number of links you have to your website still factors in to your ranking and still lets the spiders find you, but the quality of those links is more important than the quantity.  Think of it this way, which would you trust more: a link you find on or some website you’ve never heard of?

If you want to be featured at the top of the results page, and you do, you need to build a web of links, and you need those links to be ones that the search engines will trust. For more information on quality links and how you can get them to work for you. If more details contact Marketing Giant today!

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