Comparing Importance of Tacoma Online Marketing And Offline Marketing

Comparing Importance of Tacoma Online Marketing And Offline Marketing

Seattle & tacoma Online Marketing StrategyWe are now beginning the year 2014, and things are getting more and more technological. In fact, it seems as though technology has no intention of slowing down. Humans are innovating new systems every single day, and because of this job descriptions are quickly changing. Specifically, jobs within the marketing industry are quickly shifting and changing. So, what are the differences of similarities of online and offline marketing? Let’s define these terms, show some examples, and come up with some answer.

Online Marketing

With the introduction of the world wide web, the internet, and WiFi came many changes to the field of marketing. Some people argue that all of these changes are for the worse, while some believe that these changes have done nothing but improved, solidified, and continued the profession and art of marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the main forms of online marketing and briefly define each term

Search Engine Optimization

One of the greatest marketing tactics of Tacoma Online Marketing is that which is called “Search Engine Optimization” (or SEO for short). What is an SEO marketers role? Well, their job is to get clients ranked as highly as possible within search engines for certain keywords and geo locations in order for more clicks and visits to the client’s website. Of course the entire point of this marketing tactic is to get to the top of the food chain and stay there and get first pick from potential consumers. There are many things that have changed within the SEO field over the last 10 years or so and there are plenty more changes that are on the way. However, one thing is for sure – it isn’t going anywhere. If your business isn’t implementing any sort of SEO strategy for their website then they are most likely behind in rankings and overall revenue. SEO is a vital part of an online marketing strategy

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (or PPC) is another extremely popular way of advertising online. This method is not limited to Google. This method can be used on social networks such as Facebook and it really allows for maximum control of who sees your advertisements. Essentially, you can make sure that every single person that clicks on your advertisement is someone from your target audience. This kind of marketing was never heard of before and it has completely revolutionized the marketing industry.

Cost Per Impression

Cost Per Impression (CPI) is PPC’s evil twin (not really). CPI is great for businesses who don’t care as much about conversions in the short term as they do establishing a brand name for the long run. Instead of paying every single time someone clicks on your advertisement you are going to pay for every single time someone scrolls past your advertisement and sees it. This is another method of online marketing that is very intricate and allows for the utmost control over who sees your advertisements, and when.

Social Media Marketing

One of the newer forms of Tacoma Online Marketing is Social Media. Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ can all be sources of lead generation and conversions. How? Clever marketers have used different systems to actually connect with potential clients and current clients. Regardless of if you are gaining a new customer or retaining an old one, social media lets your customers know that you are an active business and you are doing great. In addition, it allows for users to ask you questions directly and interact with your posts. If your business isn’t on social networks in 2014 you are missing out on a huge potential audience.

But What About Offline Marketing?

Now that we have touched on Tacoma online marketing we can move on to offline marketing. It almost seems silly to call it “offline marketing” but that is what we have to do to distinguish between the two main forms of marketing. Marketing started out as offline (obviously) but it is something that still plays a huge roll in today’s marketing world.

Cold Calls/Visits

One of the oldest marketing tactics is coming up people (or businesses) that you don’t know, and awing them. You would be amazed at what you could accomplish in front of someone that you could never accomplish through and advertisement online. There is something about a genuine handshake that creates a strong connection that no online marketing method can create (although the goal of online marketing is to eventually transfer those online connections to personal ones). A great example of a business that is doing this right now is Vac Express. Vac Express installs Central Vacuum Seattle systems takes the time to drive out to areas that have many new homes and they personally introduce themselves to the builders, home owners, and contractors and let them know that they are available to give them a free estimate whenever they are ready. This is marketing!


Events such as the Tacoma Home Owners event at the Tacoma Dome are great ways to connect with potential customers that are looking for exactly what your business has. Attending events to connect with people is still one of the best methods of connecting and marketing (even for the online world – think link building).

What Should We Take Away?

It is important to stay in the loop of things and not brush older methods of marketing (or anything for that matter) aside because they still work! The best position you and your business can be in 2014 is to embrace all forms of marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you are implementing online or offline marketing strategies because in the long run they should both connect to generate more conversions for your business! After all, this is the bottom line of marketing, isn’t it? If you aren’t getting any conversions then there really isn’t any point to what you’re doing. Conversions don’t always have to deal with money, mind you. Even non-profit groups have conversions.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Tacoma Online Marketing

We specialize in online marketing and we are confident that we can help your business reach more conversions and visits in 2014. If you are interested in learning how we can do that, make sure to contact us here.

My name is Jonathan and I am a Online Marketing and Web & Mobile Engineer with 6 + years of experience, I offer all types of Web & Mobile solutions including: SEO, SEM, PPC, VM, Web & Mobile Development, Mobile & Web Apps and IT Management.

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