Social Media: Sales Results and How To Guide

Social Media: Sales Results and How To Guide

Social Media:  Sales Results and How To Guide

Stop riding the fence and bring your business into the social media revolution. Too often business owners hold fast to their belief that social media is a time kill with a low return on investment. This is far from the truth when managed correctly. A recent article by EMarketer showed that businesses engaging audiences had a significant ROI with social media.

Why Social:

Social media allows for transparency and two-way communication. Through posts and images people are seeing more of an intimate side to business than ever before. As a result potential customers establish a sense of attachment and trust. Whereas previous  “push” marketing now leads to an immediate disinterest and lack of trust.

Of course there are ways to harm your business with social media.That is why it is a good idea to model your own networks after some of the leaders within your industry.

Here are a few that are doing all the right things:

@guardiantech – Twitter

@peacecorps – Twitter

King Street ( Google + )

Dale Carnegie (Google +)

How to Start:

Join Facebook, Twitter, and Google + These are the current titans of social.


Facebook, is your best path for a continual dialogue with customers.

DO:  Pull them in with engaging articles, pictures, questions, and promotions. Always include links and give credit where it is due. Remember to keep it lite and ask audiences for feedback.
DON’T: Use push marketing and constant self promotion. This is the fastest way to devalue your Facebook page.


Gives a business owner 140 characters to quickly connect and share with a very welcoming group of online users.

DO: Be open, and share content that helps others in your twitter sphere. Make sure to have engaging headlines. Leave at least 15 characters within each post in order to have room for re-tweets.
DON’T: Aggressively add users, this will get you banned. Stay away from constant self promotion stick to a 10 to 1 ratio to start – 10 helpful posts , 1 business promotion.

Google+ :

Although not as highly utilized as Facebook this is actually the most important for your business online search. Since Google is King of the web, when they add a social platform you better believe it will be a part of their search index algorithm. Meaning that once you join Google+ your business website will have a higher quality score which leads to page rank increases on Google Search.

DO: Create an author tag for your page and incorporate it within your website / blog. This will add another boost toward your quality score.
DON’T: Add false info or try to add multiple locations for SEO purposes. Many SEO “experts” tried to incorporate this idea into manipulating search results. Google has caught on, making the owners websites rank low for quality score.

As always please feel free to share your own industry know how and thoughts. We are all here to make Social Media better and more useful for people worldwide.

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