“Stop Pushing: Realize the New Age of Online Marketing”

“Stop Pushing: Realize the New Age of Online Marketing”

Hundreds of Millions of people use Social Media to exchange ideas, stories, experiences and of course their favorite things. That is why utilizing Social Media for Business is the new age of marketing and connection. The best businesses are realizing push marketing is dead, replaced instead by engagement (pull) marketing. This is where businesses personally connect through sharing helpful advice, product ideas, asking customer input, giving out freebies, and keeping the ongoing conversation lite.

Point being, is that to bring your business more customers and sales you must first show them who you truly are and connect without selling. The term reciprocity comes to mind. If your business isn’t using this Social Media model then look at all the potential clients you are missing out on:

Facebook: 955 million users; more than 42 million pages
YouTube: 4 billion views per day
Google+: 250 million registered users
Skype: 250 million monthly connected users
LinkedIn: 175 million user
Shazam: 175 million users; 5 billion tags
Twitter: 140 million users
Instagram: 80 million registered users, 4 billion photos
Yelp: 78 million users; 30 million reviews
Flickr: 75 million users

– Statistical data from Digital Ramblings – Link Here: http://goo.gl/G9zZi

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My name is Jonathan and I am a Online Marketing and Web & Mobile Engineer with 6 + years of experience, I offer all types of Web & Mobile solutions including: SEO, SEM, PPC, VM, Web & Mobile Development, Mobile & Web Apps and IT Management.

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