Social Media and Steve Jobs Iphone Keynote

Social Media and Steve Jobs Iphone Keynote

Learn the Power of Customer Engagement with Steve Jobs 2007 Iphone Keynote Address. This Engagement is how business should be conducted on Social Media Platforms.

Marketing History:

Originally back in the 1960’s there was the Agency. This group started the idea of creating catchy slogans and images to attract buyers. These men were the first to tell manufacturer’s how to sell and market their products (Think of the “Mad Men” you see portrayed on TV). Then, around the 1970-80’s, Companies started to get into the fray. Suppressing the creative mind for strategy driven campaigns. No longer was a catchy headline enough, instead strategic MBA minds from Ivy League colleges were planning product life cycles. Eventually, the third power shift came in the mid 1990’s to early 2000, with the large box stores. The Wallmarts, Costcos, and Home Depots. These big power players did not control retail through creative ads and strategy alone. These retailers controlled the data and charts to understand exactly what the buyer’s habits were. Calculating scatter plots of consumers to asses where the cuts and expansions needed to be. Throughout this cycle the customer did not have control. We were pushed marketing and told what to buy. And so we did.

Today’s Marketing:

Finally, a great paradigm shift occurred with the creation of Social Media. Within the 21st century consumers now hold the power. Through social media they have collectively tweeted, posted, and shared their way to making the product decisions. Companies (the good ones at least) now listen to their concerns and appease this new power medium. Brands like Dell, Coca-Cola, and of course Apple have engaged with their customers via a two-way dialogue within social media. This engagement creates strong social referrals that have lead to millions of dollars more in consumer purchases. People buy what their friends buy. People buy from where they feel appreciated. Businesses big and small that understand consumer wants, needs and desires are the ones coming out ahead. Think about it, what better place than Social Media will you get such intimate details from customers. I won’t go into how businesses should use social media nor what “intimate” things your business should not post on social media ( for that see a blog I wrote here: Social Media Sales Results and How to Guide ) instead let us realize it is about engaging with the consumer. Engagement through making the consumer feel apart of your brand or product.

Learn from Steve Jobs:

A prime example can be seen  by reviewing Steve Jobs, Apple Iphone 2007 Keynote Address. The man had a passion. Jobs loved his products and he loved SHARING his products. This sharing engaged with the audience and made them feel apart of the product. He demonstrated how every product manager should be in today’s market. Truly loving what they sell and then engaging with the customer in a sense of open dialog.

Sound familiar? This dialogue is exactly what the power of social media is today. By engaging and sharing with the consumer about the enjoyments of the product AND how the product helps the consumers life is the best way to sell. They will then feel apart of the product and apart of your brand.

Want to build your brand and sell more products??

  • Engage with the consumer
  • Create channels for open dialogue listen to their comments
  • Reply to their comments
  • Understand the power of reciprocity
  • Put the consumer first and they will become loyal brand followers.

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