See “Local Search” For Everything That It Is

See “Local Search” For Everything That It Is

Last week, our marketing team attended Moz’s “LocalUp” event. For those of you who don’t know, Moz perhaps the most prominent leaders in search standards, methods, and online marketing tactics. Over the years, their business has evolved to become the standard in the SEO and online marketing community. It was extremely beneficial to sit at this conference and listen to some of the world’s greatest SEO leaders. Specifically, this conference was focused on local search.

Our team took away a lot of important information, but what was even more important was how much of the information we already knew. This solidified our confidence in the methods we take to get our clients more traffic, and ultimately conversions.

We have curated some of the best methods for local search, why they are important, and how we (Marketing Giant) can help your business increase your conversions and traffic.

Realize the Importance of Local Search

What many people don’t realize is how important local search is in the online marketing world. In fact, between PPC and the local search carousal most search results only leave 40% of the first page to organic results. Of course, this various depending on your location and what device you are using. However, it’s time to start realizing that local search can be just as important as organic search when it comes to gaining conversions for your business.

Here is a scenario for you to think about. Imagine a user searching for your business (let’s say you own a barbershop in Seattle). The user pulls out their phone, and searches for, “Barber shop near me”. The user receives a local carousal with your business information on it and clicks “call” to schedule a consultation. This is considered a conversion. However, many people don’t realize that it’s that simple.

In other words, many people are not realizing the true advantages of local search. Why add an extra step in the conversions process if the user can convert directly from Google?

It’s All about Consistency and Honesty

Fake reviews get noticed instantly. It’s extremely obvious when someone is paying for reviews, and we are expecting to eventually see a stronger filter system on Google’s end to weed out these fake reviews. If you want to have a strong local presence online, you need to be honest.

Additionally, if you aren’t being consistent with the information you are entering online you won’t see the best results as possible. The most important elements that should stay consistent throughout every single online directory that you add your business to should be the business name, hours of operation, address, website, social network profiles, and logo/branding. If you don’t have this information consistent on your website as well as your local listings, Google won’t give your business as much boost.

So, stop trying to take shortcuts and commit to focusing on one or two directory listings a day. Also, stop trying to “cheat” the review system and let them grow organically.

Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews

Reviews are extremely important in terms of how people view your business. Its 2015, people don’t need to go to your business before they judge it. All it takes is a simple Google search to see what people think about your business. One bad review can make or break a potential customer. The only true way to ensure great reviews is to offer great customer service every single day.

When people feel great about how you condone business, they will be more inclined to leave your business a great review online. Don’t underestimate how much power your everyday actions have on your online conversion rate. It all starts with you.

If you want to learn some more information about local search, or if you want Marketing Giant to review your local search plan, contact us today!

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