The strategies for Web and Mobile Online Marketing

The strategies for Web and Mobile Online Marketing

seattle-and-tacoma-online-marketing-strategiesThe market has changed so much that now when we look around we don’t even realize how new technologies and techniques have come in. Initially for every traditional  product was followed by marketing but now even that has changed to new heights. It has become more challenging and technical . Outdoor advertising and media advertising will always be a great way to market your products or services. However web and mobile online marketing has taken a massive leap and has become much more dominate in today’s market.

Marketing Giant suggest a few marketing strategies that one needs to keep in mind for web and mobile online marketing.


Always watch out for your competition. Never take them for granted. Try to establish the most effective online marketing tactics.  Study your completion and find out what they do well and what they do not.


You need to know who your audience is. Make efficient content for your audience that is unique and engaging. Make sure you utilize Google analytic’s to see what type of people are viewing your website.  If you don’t have Google analytic’s then do some research online and find out what type of age, sex, race is interested in you products or services.


Try to make goals that you can meet. Don’t expect your ultimate goals to be meet right away. Good things take hard work and patients.  I would recommend creating weekly, monthly and yearly goals so you can see results daily. Try to avoid vague and assumptive objectives.  And don’t ever give you because  online marketing does not happen over night.


Your website must be built on a content management system. Try to get yourself updated from old HTML and flash based sites. Now new technologies are available that can work wonders for your website.


Shortlisted and strategically chosen, researched and documented keywords upon which you’re whole marketing strategy based. Never ignore the SEO part and think of doing it later. make sure you cover all the SEO tactics for optimizing you website.  Utilize Google keyword planner to research you target keywords. Make sure you only do white hat marketing or your website can be banned by Google and Bing.


Your website should be easy to access from anywhere. The user should reach the page in 1-3 clicks. Always think user friendly first. If you visitors cannot find anything they probably wont be coming back.  Understand what layouts your target audience normally views.


Your page should not be in such a way that the user waits for actions. Your website should be very easy to understand.  Always use visually image or videos to catch users attention. But don’t forget content because it very very important for search engine optimization.


The content should have high quality stuff. Rarely updated websites are a serious NO-NO. pushy websites should be avoided. Quality is the most important aspect for online marketing. Quality content marketing can increase you search engine ranking very quickly.  If you don’t have a blog then start one today.


A great writer always attracts users. They like to read stuff that has meaning to it. Try to use words like “YOU” more. Avoid me and I. User want to be apart of what there reading or watching and by using words like you it will be more engaging.


Everyone has smart phones or tablet and so try to make your websites mobile friendly. The best solutions would be responsive website.  About 50% of online user are browser website with tablets or smart phones. In 2013 its expected that %55 or people will be buying products or services online with a smart phone or tablet.  make sure you get this done or you will miss out.

My name is Jonathan and I am a Online Marketing and Web & Mobile Engineer with 6 + years of experience, I offer all types of Web & Mobile solutions including: SEO, SEM, PPC, VM, Web & Mobile Development, Mobile & Web Apps and IT Management.

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