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Seattle and Tacoma Mobile & Web Design

It was just recently that mobile web designs seemed a quite impossible accomplishment until now. The Seattle & Tacoma web design company, Marketing Giant has incorporated so many creative aspects of bringing a website alive to meet the existing mobile web browsing phenomenon. The gap has been bridged between the use of a native app and the Internet. How? Well, a variety of high-technology smartphones are allowing web designers to unleash the most complicated UI patterns that are specifically designed for the Internet.

The difference between mobile sites and responsive designed sites

Even though, mobile design and the traditional web design serve a similar purpose, those built with a mobile or responsive framework have been proven to have some differing functionality.

Seattle & Tacoma web design companyIf a website is built on a mobile framework, it is fundamentally a reorganization of a current desktop website. This means it is a custom website design, which is separately designed to offer the user an optimized online browsing experience with their smartphone.

When the website is built using responsive code base, it is also a current desktop website, but with more fluidity because it allows the user better viewing across a variety of devices – from a large desktop computer screen to the tiniest smartphone. More concisely, a responsive website reacts to user control.

How should your website be built?

The question now is whether to accept a web design on a mobile framework or a responsive framework? Well, it all depends on certain things. This may not be your expected answer, but this is the most accurate answer. Why? A custom web design is one-of-a-kind. It should meet the client’s particular need. So a web developer should never have to contemplate about this prior to building the client’s website. This should be a decision initially made by the client unless the client requests a professional recommendation.

With that being addressed, it is now time to think about what situation requires a responsive framework as the ideal option. The answer is when consistency and uniformity is needed across numerous devices and not just on a desktop website.

If a client’s customer is using an iPhone on a mobile framework to view the customary desktop website, the screen resolution is going to be different and so will the layout (portrait or landscape). A responsive web design offers the user more flexibility. The user will be able to access any website with their particular device and on any platform. In this situation, screen resolution has no relevance.

The advantages of a responsive design

When trying to make decision on the appropriate web design, companies like Marketing Giant, a Seattle & Tacoma Mobile and Web Design company; simplicity is the key ingredient in the initial process. The responsive web design option removes the necessity for a single mobile presence. This allows for the maintenance of one website on a sole URL using a distinct code base.

From an SEO standpoint and the fact that Google has endorsed it, the responsive web design is highly recommended. Users will be able to interrelate and share your content using Google’s allocated algorithm indexing properties.

Speed is also an essential part of the process. If a responsive website is developed and designed accurately, it will load much faster.


Because a responsive web developer is accountable for both desktop PCs and devices with limited memory, the ideal responsive websites are inclined to be marginal builds with less interactive elements that never have to be taken out of production. What does this mean? It means that when it comes to swiftness, the responsive website is the most superior of the World Wide Web.

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