Why You Should Already Be Using Responsive Design

Why You Should Already Be Using Responsive Design

seattle and tacoma responsive web designResponsive Web Design (RWD) is a method of building websites that uses fluid grids based on proportional size instead of pixels to allow websites to bend and stretch to fit properly on different sized screens or windows. It’s jam-packed with all sorts of benefits for a website trying to stay afloat in the turbulent waters that are the current state of the internet and you should be using it.


1.) Managing It Is Simple

RWD allows you to, instead of making different versions of the same website for different screen sizes and devices, to have one, central website that translates equally well. This is an extra ordinary advantage. Instead of having to maintain several or dozens of websites, writing separate updates for each, you can edit it all in one big swoop. Over time, the ease of maintenance saves more than enough money to offset the initial investment of implementing it.

2.)It’s Becoming Standard

As screen sizes and formats diverge, more and more companies are using and advocating the use of RWD. Businesses have begun to realize that streamlining their websites in this way is extremely efficient and cost effective. Google, the biggest of the big fish of the internet, officially endorses the use of responsive web design. Put simply, those that don’t use RWD will get left behind as the rest of the online world adapts to the constantly changing nature of the internet.

3.)It’s Better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the reasons Google recommends the use of RWD is that it can help out your standings in search engines. Firstly, it helps in that you don’t end up splitting your visitors across multiple websites, which can bog you down in SEO. Plus, if Google sees content from your site cloned everywhere it drops you in it’s SEO rankings, so you’re less likely to end up in that crucial front page of search results.

4.)Drumroll… It Makes It Easy For You To Be Accessed Across A Wide Array Of Devices! (duh)

Chances are this is the reason you became interested in RWD in the first place. RWD’s ability to allow your website to easily adapt to many different screen and window sizes makes it extraordinarily easy for your website to be viewed across a bunch of devices. Almost 25% of internet traffic can be accounted for by mobile traffic. The ability to be viewed on different devices makes your website much more visible.

Responsive web design is a massive boon to any website because it allows you to be competitive across many devices and formats, it saves you money, and it makes you more visible to prospective visitors. It is the way of the future, which is just a fancy way of saying almost the way of the present and you should absolutely be using it, or risk being left in the dust. Contact Marketing Giant today to learn more about responsive web design in Seattle and Tacoma, WA.

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