The Top Social Media Trends in 2014 (So Far)

The Top Social Media Trends in 2014 (So Far)

Social Media is a buzz term these days, but it is quickly becoming one of the most sophisticated ways to market a brand, product, or content in general. Why? People love being social, and people love being in the loop. With the amount of content going viral on social media every single day, it’s no surprise that people are becoming more and more involved with the various mediums in social networking.

Let’s take a look at some of the top social media marketing Bellevue trends in 2014.


With the rise of social media marketing Bellevue, it is rare to find someone who doesn’t have an account on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Although this is great, it creates an environment where the pressure to send out updates in a timely manner is vital. For example, if you are a journalist and you want to get one of your stories to go viral on Twitter, you need to make sure to be one of the first people to Tweet about it.

This is different than the last couple of years because there weren’t nearly as many people on social networks as there are in 2014. As someone who is trying to be involved in social media, you need to make sure to stay up to date on the things that are relevant to your audience, and post about those things before anyone else does.


The years of untargeted content and social media are over (or at least they should be). Posting up updates that are completely irrelevant to your target audience are only going to bring you down in followers, click-thrus, and ultimately – conversions.

If you want to see results in your social media efforts in 2014, you absolutely need to make sure and post relevant content that other people will find extremely valuable.

Why would someone click on a link that provides them with no benefit? Get people to click-thru with very targeted, and very relevant content.


With apps like Bitly and Buffer growing every single month, it is becoming clear that people want to see more data. Companies are asking what the return on investment is for social media, and marketers are starting to get tired of trying to explain it to them.

The days of not having any data within social media platforms is over. Pinterest is one of the leading social media marketing Bellevue platforms that is expanding their data aggregation immensely. Another great example is the ability to track how many clicked your link by using different programs within social networks (such as LinkedIn).

As 2014 progresses, we will start seeing more and more tools that are used for collecting data about social media posts, and using that data to target more effectively.


Although people are always criticizing this Google-based social network, 2014 is the year that businesses absolutely need to be on it. Why? For one, google authorship, publisher, and local all use Google+ to pull structured data, and if your website isn’t utilizing these functions then chances are it will be missing out on some great website traffic.

Not only is Google+ beneficial from an SEO standpoint, but it’s also becoming very popular with a certain demographic of people. The analysts of the world are beginning to really grasp Google+ and people are beginning to realize the sharing power it can have.


In 2014 you want to stray away from untargeted, irrelevant posts, and you want to gear more towards data-based, targeted content. Also, keep an eye out for Google+ and make sure to learn the ins and outs of it! Contact us today for all of your social media marketing needs!


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