SEO Beware

SEO Beware

Don’t be tricked by companies saying they can offer you the best SEO packages or services. One thing I have realized over the years of working with SEO is that not all strategies work the best. However if you always offer unique high quality content and links you will never have any issues. Don’t be tricked by companies saying they can get you to the top page for $100 a a month , that is just unrealistic. Most SEO so call gurus use many third party software (senuke, Xrumor, an many more) to rank your web or mobile site, however with new updates from Google consistently these software only hurt your rankings. There will be another update within this month so be ready.

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My name is Jonathan and I am a Online Marketing and Web & Mobile Engineer with 6 + years of experience, I offer all types of Web & Mobile solutions including: SEO, SEM, PPC, VM, Web & Mobile Development, Mobile & Web Apps and IT Management.

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