The Power of Online Media

Wonder how or why some online video’s gain massive traffic? Check out this short Ted Talk clip featuring Kevin Allocca – YouTube paid “Video Trend Watcher”. Sharing yes, you guessed it, why video’s go viral and some tidbits of marketing online. FYI : Marketing Giant endorses – We wish you happy hunting for other amazing […]

User Interface

Far too often User Interface is an afterthought. Most web developers spend countless hours creating the “perfect site” only to realize that their intended audience is leaving far too quickly and never coming back. Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” is a must for even the most experienced webmaster. Teaching how to fully engage audiences […]

Do it yourself Analytics

For the “Do it yourself” people: When tracking your companies user Analytics remember that applying filters is a must. Think of how many times a day your employees click through your website or third-parties access information. These clicks add up to skewed data on many levels – avg. time, user acquisition, bounce rate, user behavior, […]

Company History

In 2008, Jonathan Larson Began Developing and Marketing Website with the idea of delivering only the best in website development at affordable prices. Over time, as the company has grown alongside the needs of our clients, Marketing Giant now offers a team of dedicated professionals providing exceptional online media to the world. We specialize in […]